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Airboat Bass Fishing Charter

Day of fishing $500


This is a FULL SERVICE guided trip for 2 anglers.  We include water, Gatorade, sodas and light snacks and of course professional quality fishing gear.  This is a premium charter, so our equipment matches that description.  We replace our fishing equipment every year so you'll be using the latest rods and reels from Shimano, and Vexan.  Our boats are all equiped with Lowrance electronics and PowerPole systems.  Our equipment is modern, in good working order and comfortable.

For a morning trip, we'll leave the launch at safe light, and return just before lunch time.

If it's an evening trip, we'll head out early to mid afternoon and pull back to the ramp just as the mosquitos get really bad.


This is usually 4-5 hours on the water, but will depend on the fishing.  If we are really on 'em, we might stay and catch a few more.  Or if they're not cooperating like we want, we might hang out try to make them eat.


We can accomodate a 3rd angler for an additional $100, but we won't be able to carry live bait.  Since our airboats are designed and built like small bush planes to get us into the back water, weight is a consideration just like those small planes.  

Long Day of Fishing $700


A long day allows us to stay hard on those good fish, or do some running around to find better bites. This trip includes everything a day of fishing for 2 anglers does, but we'll also pack a light lunch.  

Hey, we have to eat, too.


This is a morning trip.  We'll leave the launch at safe light and return early afternoon-- like 2 or 3 o'clock.  Plenty of time to get home and take momma to dinner.  As with a normal day of fishing, we might stay a little longer if we need to.  

We can accomodate a 3rd angler for a additional $125, with the restrictions noted above. 

Live Bait - $ Market Price

We love to fish artificial.  We'll punch, flip, throw top waters and your best shot at a trophy on a fly is on the back waters.

But to push your adventure into overdrive, live shiners are like no other bait.  

  • Not many airboats have the capability to carry plenty of live bait, but buddy we do!

    • Shiners are sold at a couple of the local bait shops and we'll do the pick up for the trip. No extra stops.

    • Prices are typically $15 to $30 per dozen, depending on size and season,  and we just add the price as a pass-thru cost to the angler, with no mark up or 'fee'.

    • How many do you need?  We find that a dozen per angler per hour is a good start. 2 anglers on a 4 hours trip: 8 dozen.   

    • There is no 'buy back' program at the shops if the fish are ignoring us.   But honestly, for the trip of a lifetime, I'd rather have too many than not enough.

    • We cannot guarantee some of the bait won't die.  Summer heat and other environmental factors come in to play. But we've done this a time or two.  We take good care of our equipment including the bait systems.  Just want to be honest up front about some bait conditions.  

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