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Private Eco Adventure Tour

This adventure tour is a private charter and suited to your expectations.  

We pride ourselves as sportsmen, outdoorsmen and gladesmen to respect  and conserve our Florida wildlife We take great pride in our knowledge of facts and trivia about the environment we are blessed to enjoy.  

Whatever Mother Nature shows us each day, we'll be pleased to share what we've learned over the years.   Our goal is to give you an adventure you'll cherish but also leave you with some knowledge about our unique ecosystem and the diverse wildlife that lives here.  

Private Charter!

Private Eco-adventure tours $350 for 2 hours for 4 adventurers.
This allows our adventurers to really get into a trip and visit places not touched by the other tours.  We'll see the real Florida marsh and wild, wildlife. More than just buzzing around the lake, but not quite the great adventure of the half day.  Eco-adventures are scheduled throughout the day, as your schedule permits.   
$600 for 4 hours
This half day adventure begins about sunrise--before the other boats are on the water and while the wildlife is just waking up.  The extra time allows our adventurers to really get lost in the deep marsh. We'll travel to places only the locals tend to go and see wildlife the regular tourists will only see in photographs.
Our boats are custom crafted to travel light and fast, over the levees and beyond the lake shore to the real Florida marshland.  
Your adventure is private, carrying 4 adult adventurers.  
If you have a large group of adventurers we have multiple boats.

NO cattle boats!

How do we travel to places other tours can't?

Because our boats are made to FLY

Traditional motorboats cannot traverse the Florida aquatic growth.

The supersized airboats carrying a dozen or more tourists run through the wet, well traveled marshy lakes with a full load but have a hard time getting to the shallow, off the beaten path areas of wild Florida. And they simply can't jump the levees to where the real adventure begins.  

Did I say 'jump the levees?'. We do.  Well, we cross the levees and dikes, anyway, and head back into the back water, the black water of the real Florida marshes.      

We drive across land.  Yes--Land.  

We are going to ride over dry land--where the lake shore ends, and that's where your adventure begins.


Those traditional lake trips are fun, for sure, and you'll see alligators. If you want to make a lap around the lake with a group of tourists, you'll have a blast, I guarantee.  

But if you want a private adventure taking the time to really absorb the wildlife and make lasting memories, give us a call.  

Just because we are eco touring, doesn't mean we can't have some wild FUN!!

Our airboats are LIGHT and FAST.  Powered by aircraft engines, sometimes it feels like we are going to lift right off.  

You're going to enjoy a fantastic talking tour with interesting facts about Florida and our wildlife, but our gripping and grinning style tour will be exhilarating all the while. 

Quick answers....

Yes, we'll see alligators.  Where we're going the gators are wilder and bigger.


This is more like a safari than a boat ride.  Prepare and dress accordingly.

Of course we take Visa and MasterCard.  This is the 21st century, for Pete's sake.  


We can easily accommodate kids, safely and securely.  Keeping in mind that we are an open cockpit and will have wind, bugs and marsh grasses blowing by.


No, we don't feed alligators.  That's illegal in the wild, and where we are going we are no longer the top of the food chain.


We'll bring plenty of drinks and snacks.  If you need anything specific or wish to bring your beverages of choice, you are more than welcome.  Plenty of room in the cooler.  It's your day, enjoy it responsibly however you wish. (within the limits of FL law, please)


Absolutely bring a camera.  Post your pics up on social media, and we give away some Grass Flats Mafia swag every month for the coolest pics.

Here's an answer to the question we got often-- "why didn't you stop and check out the alligator in that video?"  

We were running with a full load over dry ground.  Well, sticky black mud to be exact.  Stopping in those conditions would make it difficult to take off again.  

And that ol' boy was headed someplace and looked a little tired from his journey.  We consider ourselves good outdoorsmen and stressing the wildlife isn't proper.  

Just an example of how close we can get, and how our boats can run places no others can get to.  

When we are in the 'normal' wet marsh, we can stop or turn the engine off and approach the wildlife in a safer manner.    

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