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Photography Tours

For eco adventure tours or photography tours, a fishing license is obviously not required.  

A large cooler full of ice along with bottled water and Gatorade is always on board for our adventurers.  We have dry storage on board, and USB chargers for your use.    

Photography tours $600 for
4 hours, for up to 4 passengers. 

We want to point out that if you are a serious photographer and need space--and weight, for yourself and gear, it limits the number of passengers.  Our boats are designed and built like aircraft and have specific weight limitations so we can run over dry land to get to the real Florida marshland.  We've got plenty of storage for gear and we've got dry storage as well.  


We're on the water nearly every day, every month of the year.  We've got a pretty good idea of where the Roseatte's spoon bills are nesting, the snail kites are feeding and where the largest wild aligators hide from the tourists.  The airboat allows us to reach areas other adventurers cannot, and with the trolling motors running silent we can ease along and get close to wildlife with a minimum of intrusiveness.  

We can accommodate 2 photographers with plenty of working space for equipment and tripods.  

3 Photographers with equipment is achievable but room is at a premium.

4 with just a bag, but deck space will be very limited.  

We supply drinks and ice
Baby piglets
Little white heron
Snail Kite
Whether you're an amateur photographer or birder, or looking for a cover shot, we're able to travel to areas nearly no other service can reach.  No regular boat can get back in the marshes that we consider our back yard. We are literally leaving the lake, jumping over the levee and entering the flooded old Florida marshes.  
Once we travel to the back waters, we've got the run-silent abilities of a remote control electric trolling motor to be as stealthy as possible.
With the aid of PowerPole hydraulic fiberglass anchor systems, we can hover in place to get that shot you're looking for.  

Proud member

Member of the Audubon society
Memeber Nikon Professional Services
Member American Bird Conservancy
Our boats are designed with larger front decks than traditional airboats.  These boats are ideal for fishing and photography.  Most airboats are built for pleasure or touring with each passenger planted firmly in their seats for the duration of the ride.  The foredecks of our boats are maximized for standing and placing large tripods on.  Further, the design of our boats place the adventurers in the front seats so you'll have more opportunity to grab those images that present themselves quickly.  
Of course we're not a pontoon boat, so space isn't endless.  It's a marriage of all the features we need to both get into those adventurous locations, and still have room to really work.   
Airboat deck
Airboat patent
Quick questions...
The cost is the same for Photography tours and Adventure tours.  
We separate the two to ensure photographers are aware that weight is a consideration.  If you wish to have 3 adult photographers along, it's no problem.  
Just keeping in mind, like a small private aircraft, we may have to limit the gear you bring along.  If it's just a normal camera backpack and a monopod, that's not usually an issue.  But if you are looking for professional shots with multiple large lenses and a full size tripod, space is a premium. Just let us know what your expectations are and we'll do everything we can to accommodate.
Need a specific shot or looking for a specific species?  Please let us know and we'll target your adventure toward that goal.  
Bull gator growlin
Whistling duck in flight

All images on these pages belong to their respective photographers and/or trademark owners and may not be reused without permission.

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