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'One of a kind' is sort of cliche, but there really is no other way to describe Headwaters Lake / Fellsmere Reservoir.  With almost 10,000 total acres total, and 7,000 fishable acres that have been planned and developed from the ground up as the worlds most premier public fishery, there is no other opportunity like this anywhere in the world. 

A concept begining in 2008, the current lake is the pinnacle of management concepts from several private and state groups.  While part of the overall flood and hurricane water managment program, the fishery and surrounding natural paradise for sportsmen, simply has to be visited to be believed.

With 21st century lake enhancement and managment ideas, the fishing opportunites are nearly unbelievable. Millions of public,  and tens of thousands of private dollars were invested to create a reservoir that performs a very important function, and at the same time provides a recreation area for small game hunters (mainly ducks), for anglers from around the country, and birders and naturalists from around the world.  This is truly a recreation area like no other.  

Your angling experience on our boats will be unique in that you and your partner have full access to the bow of the boat.

You fish from the front just like the pros.  

With remote control trolling motor, the bow is yours to command while your guide keeps you on the fish from the helm or back deck.  Our boats are custom built with space, comfort and being ultra-light enough to explore the entire lake without worrying about how weedy it is.  We can get there!  Our boats are equipped with trolling motors with GPS spot lock to keep you right on the fish, and with PowerPole anchors to assist with positioning when a good bite is on.

You just cast and catch from the front deck.

Boys on deck.jpg
Xpress Front Deck.JPG
Pat on deck.jpg


We are going to leave the dock at first safe light for a morning trip.  The time of return depends on what time of year it is and what time sunrise occurs.  

An afternoon trip, we'll leave the dock at an appropriate afternoon time and return to the dock at last light of the day.  

Other options for number of anglers, parents with kids, different lakes and different techiques.  

  • Fishing time is maximized because our spots are only about 10 minutes from the launch.

  • Trip is all inclusive with sports drinks, bottled water and snacks provided.On a full day trip, a light lunch is provided.

  • We offer concierge service, with pick up and drop off at your hotel or resort.  Prices start at $100, round trip.

  • If you happen to catch a trophy bass at over 8 pounds, we can assist with taxidermy reproduced from photos, and we can assist in filling out the certified trophy application.  


We specialize in hunting big bass with artificial baits. 

Inlcuding:  topwater lures, frogs, plugs and a variety of soft plastics.  

We own Headwaters Bait Co, makers of small batch soft plastics.  Many of the soft plastics our anglers will use are specifically designed for the bass on Headwaters lake.  

maxspeed worm.jpg

Many anglers prefer to use live bait and we are well versed in this style of fishing.  We have equipment designed specifically for catching big bass on live bait.  Our boats have oversided livewells to carry dozens and dozens of shiners.  

bass shiner panoram.jpg

We also fish the world famous Stick Marsh, Ansin Garcia, Keenansville Lake, Three Forks Marsh and Blue Cypress Lake. We'd love to guide you on any of those lakes.  


The wildlife that flourishes in the area and specifically on Fellsmere Reservior is a huge draw to the area for folks from around the world.  

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