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Flats FAQ

I see you have 2 guides, which one will be guiding me?    

This is entirely up to you.  Both Micha and Drew are equally certified and equally capable of providing you with a fantastic adventure. 


Where will we be fishing exactly?    

For flats fishing, We’ll be fishing someplace between Sebastian and Ft. Pierce.  If you have a preference of the North or South, we’ll try to keep to that area.  We are in touch with other anglers on a daily basis and on the water nearly every day.  We’re going to let the reports and weather decide our exact waters. 

Can I use my own fishing equipment?  

Of course. Bring your favorite rods along.  Please don’t forget to mention your wishes when you book your trip.  Because we are rigged up specifically for our style of fishing, with the equipment and rigging we are accustomed to, it might pose an additional challenge with our guiding, therefore we don’t offer a discount for using your own equipment.

Do you offer discounts?  

Sure.  If you are active or retired military, show your ID.  Thank you for your service and take 10% off.

If you are a lady angler, or if you want to get your wife or girlfriend into fishing, we love to see ladies getting involved.  Take 10% off.  

Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts also take 10% off.  Drew can also sign off for your fishing badge. 

One discount per trip.

So, what exactly do I need to bring?    

You are not required to purchase a snook stamp, but if you wish to try to keep a snook, you’ll need the stamp.

We’ll discuss what clothing is appropriate for the weather for your trip, but think of fishing sort of like camping or hiking.   Keep warm when it’s cool, and keep covered in the sun.  We typically wear long sleeves all the time--keeps the sun off, keeps the bugs off and can keep the chill down. 

We also prefer our anglers to wear shoes, as opposed to sandals or flip flops.  You don’t have to wear them all day, but should we get in a position where we have to get out of the boat, shoes offer more protection than flops. We do have oyster bars, barnacles and stingrays.  

Sunscreen ---  Hat  ---  Sunglasses  ---  Camera ---  Shoes

Do you guarantee we’ll catch fish?    

If fishing were a guaranteed ‘catch’, I’d be the winningest angler in tournament history.  

What we can guarantee is an outstanding trip, memories you will treasure, entertainment you will cherish, tips and tricks and techniques you can keep for a lifetime and somewhere in there, you might catch a few fish and maybe even the fish of a lifetime.  Understand that angling is about the adventure, the experience and enjoying the day at a different pace.

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