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Kayak Bass Fishing

Most of us grew up bass fishing in small ponds or community canals.  Jumping into a kayak and chasing bass is an excellent way to get back to the basics of fishing.  And we are able to fish areas that bass boats can't even get to.  

4-5 hours of fishing time $250 for 1 angler.

$50 each additional angler

Maximum 3 anglers. 

We typically use artificial bait, but live bait can be accommodated at additional cost.

Additional drive time to each lake can be up to an hour each way. 

With the world famous Fellsmere Reservoir, Stick Marsh, Farm 13, Keenansville Lake and Blue Cypress Lake as our home waters, we use our Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks to sneak into bass waters and shallow grassy backwaters that most bass boats cannot reach.  Top water, frog fishing, and other artificial baits will be our tools for hunting the famous Florida strain bass.  Not only will you have the chance to potentially catch that fish of a lifetime, but the odds of catching that trophy “20 pound bag” are pretty typical, instead just a dream.    During your trip, you will most likely view wildlife that you’ve only seen on TV--bald eagles, actively feeding ospreys, otters and of course the unforgettable chance to be ‘kayak level’ with a 10 foot alligator.  This trip is great for the beginning or advanced angler.  We’ll use easy to use artificial lures, and the route we’ll take will depend on the experience you desire. 

Kayak bass
Fat marsh kayak bass
Fellsmere Bass 2
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World Famous Fellsmere Reservoir is still a 'paddle craft only' 9,000+ acre lake that simply must be experienced to believe. We've fished the lake since it was first developed and have a great head start on where the best spots are already.    The lake is filled with ditches, canals, old cow ponds and the extensive man-made structure that took nearly 5 years to create.


The fishing in this lake is simply beyond compare anywhere in the world.  And it's kayaks only for now.  

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