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Kayak Fishing Adventures

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Bass Fishing

Get back to your roots--simple bass fishing with only the basics.  But, the catch is we're fishing the lakes that our own Florida Wildlife Commission rates as the most likely in the state for catching bass over 8 pounds.  

No, Not Okeechobee.

Blue Cypress Lake, Keenansville Lake, The Stick Marsh and the new world famous Fellsmere Reservoir.

Mark a big check off your bucket list and hunt for giant bass from a Hobie pedal drive kayak.  

This is a big bucket list adventure for most kayak anglers and anglers just looking for the ultimate adventure.

We've got techniques and locations that product bull sharks, black tips, sandbar sharks, bonnet heads, spinner sharks and other species.

It's going to be safe, it's going to be exciting.  


Flats Fishing

The Indian River Lagoon 'Big 3'--Redfish, Seatrout and Snook are our targets for a flats fishing adventure.

Our area holds the current world record for seatrout and is widely known as the snook capital of the country. From wherever you're from, make this your destination for hunting these challenging predators.

If you are from the area, we have no secrets here. We'll show you exactly where to go and what to use so you can take that info and go out on your own adventures. 


Private kayak guide service hosting Hobie Mirage drive pedal drive kayaks, premium tournament quality equipment and offering full service guiding.  

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