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Air boat adventures

Where the lakeshore ends, your adventure begins

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Bass Fishing

There is little question the bass fishing in central Florida is second to none.  The chances of catching an 8lb bass are higher right here in this small area than anywhere else in the world.  Now factor in the fact that we reach waters no bass boat has ever-EVER traveled to.  This is a fishing adventure of a lifetime.  But we're pretty sure you'll enjoy it so much, you'll put it on the list of adventures for regular visits.  


Eco Touring

This is a totally Private charter for just you and your guests.  We don't operate cattle boats full of tourists tromping around the same old well-trodden trails.  Your's is a private charter catered to your expectations.  Because our boats are light and fast, we go places the other boats don't.  We see wildlife and parts of the marsh others never get to.  

This is a big bucket list adventure for most kayak anglers and anglers just looking for the ultimate adventure.

We've got techniques and locations that product bull sharks, black tips, sandbar sharks, bonnet heads, spinner sharks and other species.

It's going to be safe, it's going to be exciting.  

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Whether you're an amateur photographer or birder, or looking for a cover shot, we're able to travel to areas nearly no other service can reach.  We are literally leaving the lake, jumping over the levee and entering the flooded old Florida marshes.  We'll get to spot where the wildlife is still wild and run quiet with trolling motors to get those shots that others just can't get.  

Our boats are custom crafted to travel light and fast, over the levees and beyond the lake shore to the real Florida marshland.  
Your adventure is private, carrying 4 adult adventurers.  
If you have a large group of adventurers we have multiple boats.


Our boat are made to

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