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Bass Fishing FAQ

Our playgrounds are the East Central Florida marsh lakes including Headwaters Lake Keenansville Lake, Blue Cypress Lake, Three Forks Marsh and The Stick Marsh  


Where we play
  • Do you accept credit cards?

    • Sure.  Cash is king but we take Visa/MC.

  • What time of year do you operate?

    • Florida is a 365 day a year playground.  Each season presents unique and different experiences.  We keep an eye on the fish and the wildlife at every stage of the seasons so we'll have a good handle on what's going on for your trip. 

  • What style of fishing will we do? 

    • We typcially fish artificals only.   We fish with topwater lures, a wide variety of soft plasitcs and some jig fishing.  We use professional quality reels and equipment from Shimano.  We have casting reels with both right and left hand retrieve.  We have premier Shimano spinning reels capable of catching snook and redfish, but are simple enough for most anglers.  And because Capt'n Drew has a nostalgic side a mile wide, we have some near-museum quality vintage Zebco 33 push button reels matched to modern bass rods.  We pretty much have every experience level covered.

  • With that said, can we fish with shiners?

    • It’s up to you.  We’ve got the latest artificial bait technology on board, but we are also professionally equiped with a 60 gallon live well and heavy live-bait rods.  

  • Do we need to buy fishing license?

    • If you are fishing--even just holding a rod for a minute, sorry to say, yes.  It's a state law thing.  If you find a guide that says 'license included', please beware.  It's illegal.  

    • Ages 16 to 65, anglers are required to have a fishing license.

    • There is a 3-day license available, or you can get the annual permit.  

    • Visit to get one online.  You don't have to have a paper license as long as you have your e-receipt.  We do recommend you have a photo or 'screen capture' of that electronic license.  Where we are going cell service can be tricky and you might not be able to bring up the email itself.  Or Walmart will get you fixed up with a paper license.​

  • I only want to catch a giant, trophy fish.

    • If this is your only objective, I'll gladly give you the number of a guide that only fishes on private, stocked ponds.  Prices start at $1,000 a pound and go up from there.

    • If, however, you'd like to enjoy an entertaining and educational day on a legendary lake, with the chance for any cast to result in a 12 incher, or a 12 pounder, then let's go fishing and see what the day brings.  

  • Food and drinks included?

    • Absolutely.  Bottled water, gatorade and lite snacks.  It's included in our full-service charter.  On shorter trips we provide snacks.  On long days, we bring a nice lunch.

    • If you have a special need or anything, you might want to bring that with you.    If you prefer something bolder than what we’re offering, you are absolutely welcome to bring that along.  It’s your day, enjoy it responsibly how you wish. There’s plenty of room in the Engel coolers for whatever you wish to bring.    And of course ice is included.  The captains need to remain ‘dry’, so please don’t be offended if we decline a beverage.

  • Concierge service?

    • We offer pick up and return automobile service to hotels and resorts.

    • Round trip cost begin at $100, and can be a good option for our adventurers who aren't driving or wish to leave the car with the wife or family.

    • This service is entirely discrete for our private clients

    • We also offer a breakfast pickup service from local restaurants.  ​

  • How many people can come along?

    • The boats are specifically designed and built for running and fishing in the most elaborate back country waters and fish 2 anglers comfortably, similar to the bow of a bass boat.

    • We’ve got PFDs for all sizes. Kids under 6 are required to wear a PFD on the boat, and anyone who wishes to wear theirs the whole time, we've got comfortable vests, and not just those terrible orange horse collar type.  

    • We are also handicapable.

  • OK, weird question, I see kayaks in some of your photos.  What's that all about?

    • We did say we like to adventure, right?  We also offer inshore guided kayak fishing trips for redfish, sea trout and snook as well as guided bass fishing trips. If your adventuring tastes are really diverse, try catching a big redfish from a kayak.  You can learn more about it by visiting the kayak pages.

  • What do we need to actually bring?​​

    • Dress for the weather​​, keeping in mind we'll be scooting along the lake at high speeds.

    • Appropriate clothing--long sleeve performance shirts are awesome.  We wear them every day.   

    • Sunglasses–important for sun protection and from flying bugs.

    • Sunscreen–we wear it every day.

    • Shoes–we prefer close toed shoes, for safety reasons and in the event we have to step out of the boat. It's rare, but we like to be prepared. You can play on the boat in bare feet to tan your toes, just bring the shoes along.  

    • Camera or camera phone–we’ve got USB ports for charging and waterproof storage.

    • Hat or cap–no matter how tough you think you are, the Florida sun is tougher.

  • Can we keep fish?

    • Bass are a catch and release where we’re going.

  • Pets?

    • Yea, right.  Pretty sure you don’t want little Fifi ending up as a gator snack.

  • So, um, we are way back in the marsh.  What if something happens?  

    • We file a float plan with authorities EVERY trip.  If we aren't back in time, they know.  We also have a community of air boaters we are in constant contact with.  And we also carry PLB--Personal Locator Beacons.  This is a one-touch device that instantly sends an emergency beacon over a satellite signal.  Satellite signal means no matter where on earth we are, the signal goes through. 

    • Captains are USCG registered captains, FWC certified airboat pilots and First Responder and CPR trained.  


  • Alligators?  Crocodiles?  What are we going to see?

    • Alligators.  We'er going to see alligators.  There are a few places in Florida where invasive crocodiles live, but there are only a few.  Thank goodness.

  • What about tipping?  How much do I tip?

    • Tipping is never mandatory.  If we provide great service, and meet your expectations in providing you with an experience you will cherish, we humbly accept tips.  If we don’t meet your expectations, please let us know.  
    • Please keep in mind,  we can’t control mother nature, the conditions, or the attitude of the fish on any given day.  But we can take whatever the good Lord gives us each day and create a memory that will last a life time.

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